End of Year Studio Plans

Seeing as this may be my second to last blog post that I will have for this semester in school, I wanted to cover some end of the year studio plans.  First things first, I've got to go bigger.  All of my sculptures have been about the size of a toddler, but they are usually smaller.  They max out about about 3 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide and they contain little space.  Bottom line, I must go larger next semester. 

I have also found a very useful material for creating bases and larger pieces and thats corrugated cardboard.  It creates such a unique and unexpected texture once fired that I believe it will make for some interesting works down the line.  I also transformed a stuffed teddybear into a forever ceramic piece.  It's solid, with sharp glass hairs all over its body and hollow eyes.  I didn't want to display it for my critique this past Friday, but after some persistent words from my professors I put it on the shelf anyway.  What a mistake that was.  Everyone only talked about the bear, and I really wanted feedback on the other works ... such as the cardboard, the blued towers, the lace, and the terrycloth.  I'll know better next time though I suppose.  I did learn from this critique however that the the bears are not the direction I want to go in.  It was an experiment in transformation, and I found out that I can indeed do it.  But it is not what I want to do.  I enjoy creating the landscape-like sculptures from clothes, and binding them up to contain and restrain them.  This is also something I have to work on over the summer.

Summer.  Not to be melodramatic but I've been in school for an entire year now and summer is only two weeks away.  Where is the time going? Two semesters down and only four more to go.  This summer I'll be in Ireland for six weeks and I really hope that being away from the studio that amount of time will open up some doors for me mentally.  I have revised and revised my artist statement with little luck.  What I have now I feel most sure about, but after my critique I can see that what I think about the work is still not what it's actually portraying.  So yet again I am back to square one.  Theres a number of galleries I intend on visiting while in Ireland and I believe this will help me get some answers to the questions about my work I've got swimming around up in my brain.

As soon as schools out I am planning on going to Atlanta for a bit of a mini vacation away from Statesboro.  While there I want to revisit the Marcia Wood Gallery to check out artist Kim Piotrowski and her solo show called Field and Territory which is on display from March 31st to April 30th, 2016.  I wanted to go to the opening reception of this show but school wouldn't allow for it.  I do plan on attending the next opening in May though since school will be out.  I've looked at her paintings online and I have a postcard of Ravel 2015 but I think having the opportunity to talk about them in person will be good.  As for other artists I have been researching lately, Ill be honest I slacked off a bit as soon as critique rolled around.  Some of my professors gave me artists and philosophers to look into, and I've gathered the sources to read but have yet to actually read them.  All in time I suppose.

I think that is about it for this weeks post.  Nothing fantastic happened besides a critique and I went to another conference.  This time a Research Symposium at Georgia Southern where I presented my research on Visual Data in Glazing a study of ceramic glazes for student use.  It was a successful presentation and I have a number of questions at the end of my talk regarding glazing and how it works.  Other than that, it's winding down and things are getting tight on the time line!

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