Toss the Rest in Reclaim

At some point every semester I have to come to grips with the fact that time for making work is coming to an end. Actually most of my time for making work is winding down to nothing. I have a year of grad school left in my pursuit for an MFA.

What happens after the fact?

I've started talking to my professors about what happens in the last year of the program, inquiring as to what the "what's next" is even supposed to be.

They've told me things like "you just apply for everything you possibly can" "you accept the fact that you probably won't get a job right out of school" "that a place like New York isn't for you, that you need to go to a small town where you can adjunct in multiple places" "that adjuncting might be all you are good for just starting out" "maybe you'll have no problem getting a job, as long as you keep the momentum" "that you've got to move to where the jobs are at, regardless of a location you'd hoped to go" "you have to move to a big city and just work where they take you" "perhaps working in a gallery might be a bit of a stretch for your skill set" "working in a gallery would be perfect for you if you can't land a teaching job" "that until you're older, you'll be on the bottom of whatever department you get into" "that since you're so young you'll be able to get into a new and growing department no problem" "working in academia isn't for everyone and it might not be for you when you finally graduate" "that I'd never wish teaching on any artists, it stifles the creativity of the professional artists, but everyone needs a day job"..... the list of sayings goes on and on and on.

So then what happens when I graduate? I get so many different commenst from all the faculty in the department its hard to be positiove about graduating into an artworld that sounds like its the worst thing possible to try and get a job in.

Basically, I decided that trying to think about that now will only stress me out to no end so instead I am going to focus on whats closer at hand. Getting through the last few weeks of school, finishing up all my teaching responsibilities, and then taking off on an airplane to places far far away.

I am looking forward to having that break from studio work that is "on a schedule". Of course I will still be working once summer vacation starts on a number of projects that include a mural project, new pieces for the fall, and starting my thesis work.  I am also in process of applying to be in the magazine Ceramics Monthly which features emerging artists every couple of issues and takes applications via online personal submission. My plans beyond the next three weeks don't include much past getting through the weeks intact and with proper amounts of sleep.

As for whats been happening in my studio--big things are finally getting finished.  My largest piece will go into the kiln tomorrow to be glazed, and my smaller works are all well on their way to being done. Here are a few shots of whats been happening. Look for the final products in next weeks blog-which will be full of finished fully glazed works and a recap of the semesters progress. 

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